<b>Practical poetry</b>

School of small fishes

Lonely gliding in cool clear waves.
Familiar salty breeze darkness.
Finding food is native impulse.
Living desire, endless freedom.
Infinite ocean, deep blue.
Nothing intervenes in his path.

Cruel eyes gleam from the shadow.
Eclipsing dark drives fearful scene.
Untamed daemon conquering all.
Forceful predator aims target.
Icy stare reflects fresh sacrifice.
Driven by survival instinct.

It's hard to escape from danger.
Single act like a whisper.
Unavoidable disaster,
Irresistible existence.
Nobody notices his future.
None care for his destiny.

But, instinct overturns his fears.
And he knows he stand not alone.
Binding the power in number.
Become one with the gathering.
Unyielding towering iron.
Bending twisting flexible thread.

Like a giant, like a needle,
Like a flood, like a storm.
Changing form as much as they like.
Flowing drilling hole in the water.
Swirling force of opposition.
Demon banished by storming cloud.

Menace has fled, calm time returns.
Just as if nothing had happened.
Things return back to the way.
Nobody care about his act.
Infinite ocean, deep blue sea.
Nothing intervenes in his path.